Cardboard Tubes


  • Materials
    Our tubes are made fo solid cardboard - 2,5 to 5mm thick. Lids are made of white polypropylene.
  • Sizes
    We offer you the variety of tubes with diameter of 52, 70, 100, 150 and 200mm, and lenghts between 350 and 1750mm. In case of larger orders we may make tubes with other dimensions.
  • Prices
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  • As mailing tubes
    Our tubes are designed, most of all, to transport important documents, calendars, posters etc.
  • As drawing tubes
    For storing and archiving drawings, posters, art, paintings etc.
  • As cardboard core
    As a core on which various materials, sheets etc. may be wounded.

Printed Cardboard Tubes

  • New marketing possibilities
    We are the only supplier of cardboard tubes with directly printed graphics in Poland. Our customers value the possibility of marking our tubes with their unique logotype that work as an additional marketing space, thus making their products even more recognizable.  
  • The 'eco look'
    Whether it is ecological cosmetics, organic tea or crafted beer, our directly printed tubes serve perfectly as eco-looking package, with customer's signature or logotype on an elegant brown paper coating.
  • Low price
    Direct overprint is the cheapest single-coloured option of marking your tube. Depending on the quantity, tube dimensions and the graphic itself, prices may start even at 0,10 EUR per piece.
  • Dimensions and possibilities
    Direct overprint may be applied to any tube with diameter up to 150mm and length up to 1100mm. Our printed tubes may serve as packages for cosmetics, alcohol, clothing, technical equipment, as well as common mailing tubes with your trademark.

Wrapped & Labeled tubes

  • Labeled tubes
    Suitable for tubes with diameter up to 100mm, and length up to 200mm. Tubes may be labeled with paper or plastic labels with high quality digitally printed full colour graphic on it. Both paper and plastic labels are covered with special, strong rubber glue, designed specifically for cardboard. 
  • Wrapped decorative tubes
    If your desired tube dimensions exceed our labeling capabilities, an alternate approach is possible. Simply send us your graphic and we will print it (digitally or by overprint technique) on self-adhesive foil, that will be wrapped around the tube. This solution gives us the possibility of wrapping the tubes with length up to 1000mm and diameter up to 200mm.
  • Individual design
    Contact us and together we will find a solution that will correspond your needs the best way possible. Whether it is unusual graphic size and orientation, or special lids colour that would fit your graphic, together we will work it out.
  • Dimensions and possibilities
    Labels and self-adhesive foil coatings do not necessary need to cover the whole surface of the tube. Any solution with smaller graphics in the form of stickers, placed anywhere on the tube, is also possible.


Basic information about terms of delivery are listed below.

  • Time
    If not said otherwise - we will send the delivery within 24 hours after payment (saturday and sunday excluded). Within the borders of EU we will use the services of RABEN.
  • Payment
    By a banking transfer. Details may be found in "Terms of Delivery" section.
  • Fees
    Various. Depending on destination, parcel dimension and weight. Shipment fees will be evaluated separately for every order.


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  • Phone
    + 48 22 715 30 78
  • Fax
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