About Our Company

Our company has been founded in 1995. Since then, we have been successfully designing, manufacturing and finally selling more and more innovative packaging, artistic boxes, industrial packages, etc. Our products found their way to hundreds of offices, warehouses, wholesales, art shops, advertising agencies and so on. 

We are specializing in manufacturing tubes, boxes, cases, folders and packages made of polypropylene in form of cellular sheet or plain foil, as well as cardboard.

Our two main products are cardboard tubes and PP storage cases. Our tubes are being used for transportation and storing hundreds of products like posters, blueprints, maps, calendars and other large-sized papers, but also spare parts, tools, electronic devices, cosmetics, alcohol and others. Our art folders and portfolios, are targeted at artists, architects, engineers, photographers and all those who need to deal with large-sized papers, drawings or documents. Since 1989, our art portfolios are widely used throughout Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania, by generation after generation of students. We have sold over a million of them, and still counting.