Cardboard Tubes

  • Classic brown cardboard tubes with white caps
  • Perfect for posters, maps, technical documentation etc.
  • Ecological and economical solution for mass distribution
  • Diameters from 52mm to 200mm, cut to any length you need


Labeled tubes

  • Graphic of your choice, including full-color digital photographs
  • Printed on self-adhesive foil or foiled paper
  • Dimensions designed specifically for you product and your needs
  • Perfect sales packaging for elegant alcohol, cosmetics or madicines


Eco printed tubes

  • Designed for those who desire an 'eco-look' and care for our environment
  • Ideal box for ecological products such as cosmetics, craft beers etc.
  • Six standard diameters that may be cut to any length you need
  • Minimum quantities starting from 50 pieces


Our products - a quick glance

Since 1989 (as HOS company) and subsequently 1995 (as PAJ) we have been manufacturing and distributing packaging, office boxes, art folders and portfolios, cardboard tubes and archive solutions. Our main production material is polypropylene, but we do use cardboard as well. We may offer you over 200 ready solutions and - what makes us special - endless number of non-standardized on-your-demand boxes, cases, envelopes or packages. We always pay attention to high quality and solid construction. 

A quick glance at delivery terms

Basic information about terms of delivery are listed below.

  • Time
    If not said otherwise - we will send the delivery within 24 hours after payment (saturday and sunday excluded). Within the borders of EU we will use the services of RABEN.
  • Payment
    By a banking transfer. Details may be found in "Terms of Delivery" section.
  • Fees
    Various. Depending on destination, parcel dimension and weight. Shipment fees will be evaluated separately for every order.

Contact Us

  • Adress
    Bielawska 89 
    05-520 Konstancin-Jeziorna


  • Phone
    + 48 22 715 30 78
  • Fax
    + 48 22 717 48 06
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