Special orders - cases, boxes and packages on customer's demand

Plastic PP boxes and packaging of various shapes and colours

On Customer's special demand we will design and manufacture any box, case, folder or package made of PP cellular sheet. We may offer you several different methods of closing the package, various colours and unlimited dimensions.

What boxes/cases we can make

  • Colours
    We are using black, silver, red, blue, green and yellow PP. Holders, locks, snaps etc. may be black, white, yellow, blue or red. 
  • Dimension
    The only limit is sheet size (of course several sheets may be glued together). We are able to produce both very small (around 5cm) and large (1,5m and more) boxes. 
  • Delivery time
    Depending on every order.

How to: Order custom boxes

  • Contact us
    E-mail us: biuro@paj.pl
  • Specify dimension, colours and quantity of the order
    Tell us what are the dimension you expect, or give us dimension of what will be put inside the box.
  • Wait a while and receive the parcel
    After ordering and payment we will immediately realize your order and send you the parcels. To learn more, visit delivery terms or check the box below.


Basic information about terms of delivery are listed below.

  • Time
    If not said otherwise - we will send the delivery within 24 hours after payment (saturday and sunday excluded). Within the borders of EU we will use the services of RABEN.
  • Payment
    By a banking transfer. Details may be found in "Terms of Delivery" section.
  • Fees
    Various. Depending on destination, parcel dimension and weight. Shipment fees will be evaluated separately for every order.


  • Adress
    Bielawska 89 
    05-520 Konstancin-Jeziorna


  • Phone
    + 48 22 715 30 78
  • Fax
    + 48 22 717 48 06
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